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Hotel La Belle Croix

After various research that led us to the cantonal archives (a big thank you to Madame Fasel, née Dupraz and granddaughter of M Metler former owner), we found the origins of the construction of this building. This is around 1826, according to the compulsory fire insurance policy already in Switzerland in 1812. It was the Marquise Marie de Champagne who had bought in 1823 several tens of hectares of land, which went from the station to the current Nespresso , with a barn as well as some wooden construction on these grounds. She had a beautiful stone building built there, with a gardener's house and a French garden in tuyas paths and white gravel. A private residence of 5 rooms on the ground and 5 on the floor, with in the back a barn and stables for the horses. From the road that went up to the city on the hill, a roundabout (or a large cross was erected) was built in 1842 and connected Bulle, and the road to go to Lausanne (to the current Bicubic theater).

In 1860, a certain François Ayer bought him a part of the estate in 1860 and notably the building and the house of the gardener called "le Châtelet" to make it a public establishment, which the Council of State of Friborg accepted and gave the 12 April 1861 the authorization "to the field of the castle of the Belle Cross" to exercise like Inn for the new travelers that brings this modern station on the axis Lausanne-Bern inaugurated in 1861.

The latter sold this property to the Jules Pernet family in 1880. In 1903, the Metler family bought the Inn from the Pernet winery and had the interior redecorated by the artist from Rome, Yoki, who is well known in the glasswork industry. .

They sold in the 1950s to the Ecoffey family who did many work including transforming the stables into a function apartment and 2 new rooms. The direct heirs owners until 2010, saw beautiful times with this establishment, its dance deck, its terrace decorated with the same old plane trees and chestnut trees that had planted the Marquise of Champagne in his time by his faithful gardener.

Hotel La Belle Croix

From 2015 to 2 partners, we undertook to renovate the protected establishment and to modernize it with important works and what was not obvious with all the new directives and prerogatives of the modern world.

It would have been much easier to turn this building into apartments, but that's without counting on our desire to revive this heritage and history.

Romont is changing rapidly in recent years, perhaps to catch up. Nespresso has recently installed its third production plant, large developers developed several complexes of major homes.

In French-speaking Switzerland, Romont is located between Lausanne and Vevey / Montreux in the south and Friborg / lakes region in the north. To the east, Gruyère is just a stone's throw away, as are the ski slopes, less than an hour away, including Gstaad. These destinations are easily accessible thanks to the railway line. What's more, Romont is on a central Swiss axis, while remaining in a bucolic setting.

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